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Lingua Latina

The following are based on chapters found in Oxford Latin course notes. The contents included in this wiki are solely for own academic practice, and accuracy of the contents including answers to the exercises cannot be guaranteed as well. Not to be distributed for commercial usage.

Studium ab Oxford libri

Course I Course II Course III
  1. Scintillla et Horatia in casam
  2. Argus cenam rapit
  3. Quintus paterum iuvat
  4. Ad fontem
  5. Nundinae
  6. Ludus Flavii
  7. Obsido Troianum
  8. Mortis Hectoris
  9. Troiae casum
  10. Polyphemus
  11. Dido et Aeneas occurrent
  12. Infelix Dido
  13. Fabula tristis
  14. Quintus milites spectat
  15. Cincinnatus
  16. Cloeliae virtus
Appendix: Ciceronis filiu

  17. Comitia
  18. Quintus domo discedit
  19. Roma
  20. Ludus Orbilii
  21. Marcus Quintum domum suam invitat
  22. Ludi circenses
  23. Marcus Quintum ad balnea ducit
  24. Caesaris triumphi
  25. Quintus togam virilem sumit
  26. Idus Martiae
  27. Quintus Roma discedere parat
  28. Quintus ad Graeciam navigat
  29. Academia
  30. Horatiae nuptiae
  31. Brutus Athenas advenit
  32. Bellum civile
  33. Scintilla epistolam ad Quintum scribit
    Appendix: Cēna Trimalchiōnis

      34. Quintus Delphos visit
      35. Quintus militat
      36. Scintilla desperat
      37. Philippi
      54. Imdomita mors
      Appendix: Imperial mission


      Keyboard Input HowTo

      • To input Latin characters with ¯(long mark codes) in MacOS, switch to U.S. Extended keyboard settings, and press alt(option)+a, followed by any vowels.
      • On Windows systems, use the following combinations
        • ā alt+0257 Ā alt+0256
        • ē alt+0275 Ē alt+0274
        • ī alt+0299 Ī alt+0298
        • ō alt+0333 Ō alt+0332
        • ū alt+0363 Ū alt+0362


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