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Mobile Guide

At the moment, this is everything about technology utilization stuffed in one-page. Development related information on this column, and user guide on the other for now.


Enable USB Mass Storage 

type the following code in terminal emulator:
setprop persist.sys.usb.config mass_storage,adb

MSM7200 Boot procedure

  • Secure boot: protects against reflashing threats
need to sign QC-SBL, OEM-SBL, APP-SBL and AMSS images
  • Primary boot loader: on-chip boot rom
    • first stage in sequence boot execution
    • load configuration data
  • Cold boot
    1. mARM starts PBL execution from boot ROM at address 0xFFFF0000
    2. in case of no power collapse or watch dog timer expiration
  • Secondary boot loader resides in external flash memory
    • QCSBL: load Modem AMSS image(ARM9), peripheral configuration
    • OEMSBL: loaded and authenticated by QCSBL, hardware initialization, load ARM11 image
  • Boot memory map products/7200/build/ms/targ*.h
  • MIBIB partition
    • Partition sizeproducts/7200/drivers/mibib/mibib.h: contains multiple blocks of data used during boot process
    • Partition info products/7200/tools/headergen/partition.c
    • OEMSBL pointer page products/7200/drivers/mibib/mioemsbl.h


I have been following this open community for about a week now. First, I need to familiarize myself with what this program is about, what the motivation of these people was, and technology their program builds upon. Before even digging right into their source code, yet there is still a lot more to learn.

The following guide is for developing BitPim on MacOSX for LG brand cellular phones specifically. Assuming developers are working on MacOSX 10.5 Leopard, in order for compiling to take place on XCode, the following are required to be installed. The following contents are based on and summarized from BitPim developer information

  • Python 2.5

Of course you would need to install this, but if you have the latest version of xCode installed, no need for another installation.

  • wxPython

Download the wxPython sourcecode and follow the instructions below for build and compile. wxWidgets will be created under /opt/wx/2.8 For direct installation on MacOSX, download the binary.

cd $WXDIR 
mkdir bld
cd bld
../configure --prefix=/opt/wx/2.8 \
            --with-mac \
            --with-opengl \
            --enable-debug \
            --enable-debug_gdb \
            --enable-geometry \
            --enable-graphics_ctx \
            --enable-sound --with-sdl \
            --enable-mediactrl \
            --enable-display \
make $* \
   && make -C contrib/src/gizmos $* \
   && make -C contrib/src/stc $*
.make install
  • pySerial

then install pyserial for serial port interface support

Once downloaded and extracted pyserial (currently 2.2 is the most recent version), install by typing on the terminal:

 python install
  • APSW Another Python SQLite Wrapper

PSW is a Python wrapper for the SQLite embedded relational database engine; a minimal layer over SQLite attempting just to translate the complete SQLite API into Python. Download APSW and repeat the same step in terminal:

 python install

As with all other platform independent application source codes, do:

 sudo make install
  • Jaro Winkler String matcher

from source directory

 cd native/strings
 python build
 cp build/*/jarow.* .
  • For USB module support with LG phones, run:
 python packaging/
  • grab the source code using svn

open up terminal and move to directory where you would like to set as bitpim working directory

svn co bitpim
  • All set to go, you may now run bitpim from a console:
cd $bitpim/trunk/bitpim

Samsung Mobile Handsets

GT-I9100 Download Mode

Press and hold the "Low Volume key" and "Home" button and "Power key" at the same time until "Downloading" screen shows up. 

GT-B7510 Download Mode

Press and hold the "Power/Lock key" and "Q" key of the QWERTY keyboard at the same time until "Downloading" screen shows up. 

GT-B7510 Hard Reset

  1. Press and hold the “Power/Lock key” and “T” key of the QWERTY keyboard at the same time until the “Android system recovery” menu shows up. 
  2. Use the “Volume key” to scroll down and select “wipe data/factory reset” 
  3. Press the “Home key” to proceed to the next confirmation step. 
  4. Use the “Volume key” again to scroll down and select “Yes — delete all user data” 
  5. Press the “Home key” to perform hard reset. All user data will be removed and the device will be restored to manufacture default. 
  6. Press the “Home key” to reboot system.

GT-B2710 Control

  • Check Version: *#1234# 
  • Full Reset: *2767*3855#

UK Mobile Operator Numbers / Short Codes


  • Voicemail: 121 
  • Balance check: 2345
  • Top up: 191
  • Lookup own phone number: *#100#
  • Set ringing time(change number of rings) before divert to voicemail: dial **61*121*11*xx# where xx is an integer multiple of 5 upto 30


  • Voicemail: 901
  • Check balance: *#10#, or text balance to 21202(pay monthly)/20202(payg)
  • Check b: *2767*3855#