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My exam preparation notes for Chartered Financial Analyst program. All formulas, figures, and some contents are referenced from Wikipedia and Schweser study notes. More useful information at the Analyst discussion forum.

Level III

For 2012 June exam. Update: It happens that I did not pass the exam in 2011; therefore, to better contribute to the web community as well as my own learning, I will soon start posting level III notes, possibly as comprehensive as those for level II.
Subject Item Set portion Essay portion Status
Review of previous level contents
1-6. Ethics: Codes and Standards 10%
7-13. Behavioral Finance 5%
14-19. Private Wealth Management 10%
20-22. Institutional Investors 10%
23-25. Economics 5%
26-27. Asset Allocation 5%
28-31. Fixed-Income Portfolios 10% 5%
32-35. Equity Portfolios 5%
36-38. Alternative Investments
39-41. Risk Management 5% 5%
42-43. Derivatives 10%
44-47. Monitoring and Evaluation 5% 5%
48. Global Investment Performance Standards  5%    

Level II

In accordance to the proportion each subject topic comprised of in 2010 June exam, yet which is merely approximate to the testtaker's unreliable memory.
Subject Topic
Ethics 1-2. Code of Ethics and Standards
3-10. Soft Dollar StandardsResearch Objectivity StandardsPrudence
Quant. 11-13. Correlation & RegressionTime-Series Analysis
Economics 14-20. Growth Theory/RegulationCurrency Exchange
Financial Statement
21. Intercorporate Investments
22. Employee Compensation
23. Multinational Operations
24-26. Financial Statement Analysis
Corp. Fin. 27-28. Capital Leverage
29-31. Dividend PolicyCorporate GovernanceMergers and Acquisitions
Equity 32-39. Equity Valuation, Capital Asset Pricing Model
40,42. Discounted Dividend ValuationMarket-Based Valuation
41,43. Free Cash Flow ValuationResidual Income Valuation
44. Private Company Valuation
Alternatives 45-50. Real EstateCommoditiesHedge FundsPrivate Equity Valuation
Fixed Income 51-54. Credit AnalysisInterest Rate VolatilityBond Valuation
55-57. Mortgage/Asset-Backed Securities
Derivatives 58-59. Forwards & Futures
60-63. OptionsSwaps
Portfolio Mgmt. 64-68. Mean Valuation AnalysisPortfolio Management

Level I

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